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A New look for 2024

In response to feedback from customers, we'll be modifying our KB Catering Tray Range to include product information moulded into the underside of the tray.  

Similar markings are already featured on our KB9 Round Tray and PB Plastibox Range.  

These modifications will be made throughout the year during our routine maintenance schedule.  

Low/Out of Stock Items

KB1 Black     Low stock            Next production run scheduled w/c 08/04/2024

KB18            Discontinued January 2024

Shipping Restrictions

Due to courier restrictions, some larger items are now unavailable to order online.  Please contact our sales team for further information.   

Issues with voucher codes?  

If you have a voucher or offer code please remove any special characters and enter only letters and numbers.  If you still experience difficulties please contact us at