Uni-Com Home Electrics Circuit Breaker 53637

Uni-Com Home Electrics Circuit Breaker 53637
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Using electrical appliances with trailing or excessively long power cords can be
dangerous, not only by tripping over them, but with products like lawn mowers,
jigsaws, hedge trimmers and other such cutting appliances cutting the power cord
can result in an electrical shock if not properly protected by a fuse, RCD or
breaker. Or from portable generators with 240v outlets. The Uni-Com Circuit
Breaker allows you to have such protection on older homes with older fuse boxes
to help stop electrical accidents. The circuit breaker works much like a fuse in
the plug head, but is far more sensitive to surges like those that occur when
you receive a shock. The breaker trips and immediately cuts off the flow, unlike
a fuse that has to melt before the flow is stopped, also once a breaker is
tripped you just reset it, with a fuse you have to buy a new one. Key Features
Shock Protection as soon as a surge is detected the breaker will turn off the
supply from the outlet. Test each time before use the breaker must be tested,
this allows you to check that the breaker is still functioning. Reset if the
breaker trips due to a power station surge and not a cut power cord, the breaker
can be reset easily for continued use. Ideal for use with household and garden
electrical items.

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